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Houses For Sale and To Rent Online

The Big Property List is one of the UK’s most comprehensive property search websites, displaying hundreds of thousands of properties across the UK for sale and to rent by Estate Agents and Lettings Agents. Whether you’re looking for houses for sale in Southampton or a flat to rent in Farringdon you’ve come to the right place as The Big Property List displays property adverts from the major property portals, in one BIG list. Start your search using the box or map above or search by town. If you are buying, selling or renting property, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you will find a great deal here to help you make the best decisions – by reading our expert property and home moving guides, staying up to date with interest rates, house prices, mortgages and other property news on our property blog, and asking questions in our property forum.


Compare Mortgage Interest Rates

Use our online tool to instantly compare mortgage interest rates from the whole of the market, or arrange a no-obligation mortgage consultation with an Independant Financial Advisor. Compare mortgage interest rates here


Sell your House Online

If you are selling your house you will want your property advert to be seen by as many potential buyers as possible, so make sure that you or your Estate Agent uploads your property advert to The Big Property List.

Finding Conveyancing Solicitors

Once you have sold your house or agreed to buy one you will need conveyancing solicitors to transfer the legal ownership and this is called conveyancing. We have teamed up with a reputable national firm of solicitors to give you access to a quick and efficient service provided by low cost conveyancing solicitors. Get a low cost conveyancing quote

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Are you making the most of the internet to reach potential buyers and sellers?  Maybe you Tweet or use Facebook but does this benefit your business? Find out more about how your Estate Agency can take advantage of online marketing with our Online Marketing Tutorials.


Finding a solicitor to handle your house purchase or sale who has the required experience and will ensure a speedy process can be hard to find. Especially at the right price. To get an online quote from over 200 solicitors who work on a no sale no fee basis, where you can track their progress online CLICK HERE.


Home insurance is the last thing you need to worry about until an accident happens. From damaged carpets to burglaries and absent tenants you can find a home insurance policy to suit your needs.  MORE INFO


Your Property Here 2 2 3 £675,000


another house for sale photoFeature your property advert here and have it seen by tens of thousands of house hunters before they even begin their search. We have affordable online marketing packages that will feature your brand (Estate Agents, Landlords and Developers), advertise your properties and promote your own website.Enquire about our advertising rates



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