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Selling your property in the UK


Selling Property

Everyone knows that buying and selling houses can be a stressful time and an expensive process.  We believe that both buying and selling houses should be easier and cheaper.

Selling a house

Most people in the UK use an estate agent to sell a house as they have local knowledge about the current supply and demand of houses, experience in negotiation and their offices are a central place for people to register their interest in buying a house.  Many estate agents provide a valuable service and contribute to making the process run smoothly and quickly – after all their fees are dependant on a successful sale!

Typical estate agents’ fees in the UK are between 1 and 3% of the sale value and for this you can expect them to value your property, measure up and create particulars which describe the house, advertise online, in the local newspapers and in their shop window, conduct viewings, manage the negotiation and liaise between the buyers and sellers´conveyancing solicitors.  A good estate agent will stay on top of all enquiries, advise the seller impartially and remove obstacles that might slow or prevent a sale.  In a large sale chain, their organisation and tenaciousness can be the difference between a successful sale and a lost opportunity.

Selling your house without an Estate Agent

Many people in the UK are now opting to sell their house privately.  That is to say without an estate agent.  By erecting their own private For Sale board and marketing their house themselves they are saving thousands of pounds in fees.  If you have the time and inclination to sell your house privately, you can find plenty of advice in our property resources section.

Many property professionals such as Sarah Beeny (Tepilo) are recommending selling your house privately and we think there’s nothing to stop you using an Estate Agent as well – but check the terms of their contract allows you to sell your house privately without incurring their fee!