Preparing for Interview for an Estate Agent Role

If you have decided a job in property is for you and you want to explore a career as an estate agent, get prepared for interview with our handy guide. 

Regardless of where you are in the job seeking process (starting out in the profession, switching to another company, or looking for a career change) you will need the commitment to pursue a serious career in property and show this in interview.  If you’re not sure that the role is right for you this will shine through clearly at interview.  Be prepared, be dedicated and be confident.  Property jobs are being released on a daily basis and often attract hundreds of applicants.  You’re going to be facing some challenging competition, but the more interviews you can arrange the more chance you have of leading that dream job.


Preparing for the Interview

Prepare your CV first and make sure it is as up to date as possible.  Include all relevant information even if you have not worked in the property profession before.  Make sure you dress professionally.  Even if you have seen others at the company dressing in a casual manner you should still dress as smartly as possible.  In fact, most estate agent firms insist on smart appearance as they are mostly customer-facing. 

Prepare a list of questions to ask.  This is a great way of showing commitment and will show that you have thought about the interview instead of simply rocking up to the door and expecting to be given the job.  Show some substance and be remembered for all the right reasons.  Arriving early is also a great way of showing you are keen, although not too early!  If you turn up more than 10 minutes early you will probably become an annoyance sitting in the office waiting around.  And remember, first impressions count – you never get a second chance to make a first impression!


Questions to Ask:

You may find your interviewer already covers many of these topics, but the questions below are designed to get more information and ensure your interviewer is impressed by your willingness to learn more about the company. 

Is the estate agency independently owned or is it part of a franchise?  This is a good question to ask as it highlights chances for promotion or transferring to another branch if the option arises. 

What training is available?  Even if you have experience in the industry it’s always great to know that training is available in specialist areas. 

What are the typical earnings as an estate agent?  This information will probably be given to you during interview or before, but if you are not sure then ask.  This question was once seen as being crass, but you wouldn’t accept a job without knowing how much the salary was so it’s fine to ask.  You might also like to ask about commission if that is part of the salary package. 


Make a Lasting Impression

It’s a competitive job market out there with many people applying for the same job.  You’re going to be up against stiff competition so make your interview count.  Be confident even if you don’t know much about the role of an estate agent and show great interest in the role.  Dressing smartly, good etiquette and asking the right questions will make you stand out and leave a great lasting impression.