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 There are many types of jobs in property and if you are considering a career in property you should read the definitions below to understand what each entails.

Below are examples of different property jobs, each with a short description - click the links to read a full job description or to search for jobs in that area.


Estate Agents

Estate Agents sell residential property on behalf of home owners.  They value houses and flats and prepare marketing details before putting on the market, undertaking viewings and conducting negotiations.  Read more about estate agent jobs here or view estate agent jobs.

Letting Agents

Letting agents manage residential property on behalf of Landlords.  They find tenants and vet them (often using credit and other checks) put in place an appropriate tenancy agreement, collect rent, undertake regular inspections and are the first point of contact for the tenant.  Read more about Letting agent Jobs or search letting agent jobs.

Land Surveyors

Land surveyors record heights and levels of land to draw technical plans, maps and to rpepare for development.  read more here.

Building Surveyors

Bulding Surveyors are trained to asses the structure of buildings.  They are often employed by mortgage companies or prospective purchasors of property to undertake structural and condition surveys prior to a purchase.  Their job is to look for defects such as damp, structural issues (i.e. leaking roofs, subsidence, cracks in walls) and compile a report.  Read more about building surveyors or view building surveyor jobs here.


An architect designs buildings and chnages to buildings.  Generally they draw the plans using computer programmes known as CAD (Computer aided Design) but in the past and still in some cases drawings are made by hand.  They often work with a structural engineer or a builder to ensure that their design will meet building regulations and will have structual integrity.  Read more about architect jobs or search for architect jobs.

Facilities Management

Facilities Managers look after the operation of buildings.  They manage maintenance and contracts and are often the first point of contact for commercial property tenants.  They need a working knowledge of contract law and landlord and tenant law and share many skills with surveyors and project managers.  Read more about facilities managers or search facilities management jobs.

Land Managers

Land Managers in the rural sector are concerned with the operation of country estates and commercial estates of land.  They manage landlord and tenant issues (such as tenancies and licenses) and have a wide variety of tasks.  Some will have an oversight of the businesses taking place on the land (i.e farm businesses) amd will be responsible for the commercial gain from the land as well as the good management of land and rights in land.


Property in the UK

The property sector is generally divided into the categories set out below:

- Commercial Property

Retail Property (such as shops)

Industrial Property (like warehouses and factories)


- Residential Property

Houses, flats etc...

- Rural Property

Farms, land, market gardens and smallholdings

Country Estates

- Public sector property

(i.e. council buildings, courts and allotments)

- Utilities

Water boards, Electricity boards, Railway land etc...